Captain Canada grabs his third MVP

Game three Carl English outstanding 32 point, 7 reb and 7/11 from the three-point line moves Asefa Estudiantes players again into the headlines. Carl's MVP of the day (third at his ACB career) was determined by having one speed extra at Cajasol defeat (76-46) at Madrid's Palacio de los Deportes.

CLUBESTUDIANTES.COM.- After three games his 3p shooting average is 53%, his career highest at the moment, well above his best season's previous at Joventut (42/87, 48%) two years ago. He doubled is career rebound average to grasp seven balls. English role at the team is not an unknown issue as Lagun Aro proved with a tough deffensive play at game 2. It also made the shooting forward to receive 5 fouls and delivered 2 ssists and one steal. That all made a league total of 37, including a +27 balance with him at the court. 

Carl English stressed the importance of being 3-0 in the season: “We needed this third win to settle a big start, so I focused in what I had to do and beat Cajasol. A lovely win for us” .

Last year English stats at the visiting team did not interfere in his role, “There was not much revenge. Now I am happy to be here. Last year I couldn't play as much as I had wanted but I am doing good here and winning for the team”.

Deffense was the clue, pointed our number 23, “We did a good deffensive game. We all had a lot of steals, deffensive movements and changes, they could not get them right, even they are a good team. So I'm glad for the team and the winning streak”

Apart of this, English is the best 'killer' of the Liga Endesa, with 20'7 points per game. Keep going, Captain Canada!

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