Estudiantes wins their first game (101-86)

It was only five months afterwards. It was 4th May when Asefa Estudiantes had it all wrong towards the creep of relegation to LEB league. The loyal fans got the blues after a five-month delay. The team dispacthed a whole show of basketball as it has always been s a trademark of Asefa Estudiantes: breaks, a solid defense and the kids given quality time. Home-grown guard Jayson Granger was the MVP of the game (25 pt, 24 in league stats).

CLUBESTUDIANTES.COM.- The crowd received this time a huge lesson on attack skills, intensity on defense and, shortly, the houses’ favorite what-it-takes on a basketball court.
Jayson Granger got the MVP with a 25 point (5/7 at the 3-point) and 3 assist. Carl English escorted his performance with 20 points, the always energetic Tariq Kirksay double-double (10pt, 13 rebs) or house kid combo guard Jaime Fernández with 17  pt & 2 steals for a total show.
There was debut time for a complete bunch. Lucas Nogueira, Fran Guerra and Lousville-grown forward Kyle Kuric (with his bird flag raised by fanclubs at the 8,000 attendance) . 24-15 at te end of Q1.
Granger and Kirksay ellevated the stakes for a halftime 48-33. The one thousand and one attack options by Txus Vidorreta (also at his 1st official game with the high-shoolers) gave minutes to center Lamont Barnes, Kuric from the outside line, it all was a machine that one presented at the Palacio in the season opening!
Demencia fans ironically shouted the ‘We are the LEB (Spanish basketball 2nd Division) leaders!’ whereas the score went on and on. Carl English signed his 21st to a quarterpara 74-53 that CB Canarias would not be able to make-up, despite 15 made three-pointers with success.
Jaime Fernández clutched  a free-throw for a long-time-no-see 100 score. The party was over. The party had just begun.

ASEFA ESTUDIANTES 101 (24-24-26-27)
Fisher 2, Fernández 17, Granger 25, Gabriel 4, Kuric 10, Vicedo 0, Guerra 0, Kirksay 10, English 20, Barnes 8, Nogueira 5
CB CANARIAS 86 (15-18-20-33)
Guillén 12, Richotti 11, Úriz 5, Donaldson 11, Sekulic 2, Bivia 3, Heras 4, Lampropoulos 5, Blanco 14, Rost 19. No jugó: Chagoyen

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