Second victory for 'Estu' (71-83)

Asefa Estudiantes got a six-year delayed victory at Lagun Aro home. Some talked about a jinx that cursed us at Donostia Arena 2016 (old bullrign Illumbe) but once again we had the leadership from Tariq Kirksay. The superhero from the Bronx clutched 28 and broke the solid deffensive bolts designed by local team.

CLUBESTUDIANTES.COM.- It was two thousand ten and two thousand nine and it was the repetition of a long-standing history. Estudiantes got there and again served as sparring for a two-faced team. No matter Lagun Aro had good or bar streaks we always were facing a NBA team. But Tariq Kirksay enroled with us seven months ago and he brought along a cleaner vision: no jinx but in-te-si-ty.
The new yorker leaded the college crew for 28 pt (8/8 2p, 4/5 3p, 4 rebs & 4 steals for a 34 league total). Lagun Aro got tight at the front court and rised local stakes from the three-point line. The local shooters such as Korolev made them lead (9-4) until Germán Gabriel battled with local PF David Doblas for a 6 consecutive point streak. Break even (11-12).
Coach Sito Alonso changed to a more aggresive man to man deffense and a new unit. Txus Vidorreta (neighbour from rival city Bilbao) managed to move the ball and keep a steady tempo and find answers to the local press.
Welcome to the K-SHOW
Asefa Estudiantes rushed to a 0-12 gallop commanded by Tariq Kirksay towards the second quarter show. Reaction from Lagun Aro was tackled by a Kuric three-point shot. Locals used Qyntel Woods as can-opener and the defense screw went half inch further.
Josh Fisher finally warmed up his left wrist and gave fresh air to the outside line due to yesterday’s Carl English difficulties. He had been the man to grasp and Lagun Aro forwards grasped him far too good. Kirksay reacted to the Estudiantes bunch of fans’ thrill and sealed 28-40 at half time.
Two Carl English consecutive layups got the board to +17 : 32-49. Javi Salgado replied with 5 pt on a row and English was fouled out. The game was re-conducted to the fear of another local victory and nerves appeared at Vidorreta’s bench.
Until Tariq Kirksay decided today-was-not-the day. From the 3 point line or the paint he scored everything. He would finish the game with over 80% in total shooting success. Jayson Granger added offensive options and dismantled local options… for the moment.
Blue alert
Blue-striped local team doomed Asefa Estudiantes fourth-quarter options with a 7-0 streak until Jayson Granger beat the buzzer with a three-pointer for 59-65. Lagun Aro enroled the guys at the guerrilla to lower the difference to a mere three points. Kirksay broke the resistance again from the long-distance. It had been an exhausting effort for Lagun Aro and conceaded some free-throws to give a breath to Estudiantes that shares the League lead with a 2-0.

LAGUN ARO GBC 71 (16-12-24-19)
Papamakarios 3, Woods 12, Neto 10, Rubio 0, Díez 4, Doblas 10, Salgado 13, Korolev 9, Olaizola 0, Motos 3, Ibekwe 7.
Fouled out: Doblas, Ibekwe,
ASEFA ESTUDIANTES 83 (26-14-22-21)
Fisher 3, Fernández 2, Granger 14, Gabriel 14, Kuric 7, Kirksay 28, English 10, Barnes 5, Nogueira 0

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