Carl English: "I feel and hope to be with a team in January"

Captain Canada has talked after three months. The next 20th December will be the 4th Aniversary of the Fans Club and we have contacted with him to let you all know how Carl English is now in Canada. Will he return soon?

• How do you feel of your clavicle?
I am fully recovered and feeling great..

• How is now Carl English life in Canada?
It is very quiet for me. I'm training twice per day, 5-6 times per week. The rest of time is with my family.

• Why did not you join any team this Summer? It is so strange to see the best scorer of the last season in Liga Endesa without team... 
It has been a long summer and start of the season for me. It is the first time in 15 years to not be with a team, collage or pro... And it is very strange and difficult at times. But I feel I am at a very high level and want to play on one of the best teams in Europe. so that's why I am waiting for the right job... Especially after the great season last year, so I hope it soon comes looking for me.

This 20th December will be the 4th aniversary of the Fans Club. For that reason, I would like to ask you about some things of your career. Here, I want you to answer these words with one word or phrase, it is up you! But it needs to be the first thing that comes to your mind...

- Hawaii: Amazing, fun and special.

- Draft: Disappointing.

- National team: It is a dream playing for your country.

- Zadar: Beautiful and passionate.

- Bolonia: Interesting

• How would you sum up these last six years in ACB? Which are your best memories there?
I could write a book of my last six years in Spain. But for me, the first thing that comes is amazing people, country and fans! Very high level of basketball and family culture.

• How can you describe you as a player? What do you think you need to improve?
As a player I am very passionated, determined, and a winner... Hard-worker and fighter... Things to improve are speed on defence, floater shots and range.

• What means for you to have a Fans Club? 
The Fans Club gives me a lot of support and shares a lot of my info, photos and games with my family around the world. It is great...

• The last question but the most important of them... Will your fans see you soon on the courts?
I feel and hope to be with a team and back on the courts in January

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