Why hadn't we post as usually as before? We are here again!

Hi everyone!

Fans Club website is gonna have a new design soon, as you can see. I want to apologize all of you because my studies have taken my time and I needed to stop a little the website... University requires a lot of time and some of you can understand me. I play basketball too, so it takes a little of my free time. I manage the Fans Club alone and I do all I can. 

There are two versions of the website (in English and in Spanish) and it has been difficult to update it on these last months... And I could not do it as much as I did it other years ago. I have tried to update as good as possible on Facebook and Twitter, because the followers on these social networks are very numerous.

Again, I am so sorry... Thanks for understanding. You will see the new Fans Club web design so soon!!


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