LAST CHANCE to buy the Fans Club t-shirt! is maybe the LAST TIME we will order them this season.

Hi everyone! We have decided to sell this year some Fans Club t-shirts again.
The price for the Fans Club t-shirts will be between 8 and 10 euros (11,51 CAD or 14,39 CAD). But take into account that the more t-shirts we all buy, the more cheaper will be!! If there are 10 or more t-shirts ordered, the price will be 8€; if this does not happen, it will be more expensive.
The last day to ask for the t-shirts will be on 5th April 2015, including its payment. You can do it by bank or via Paypal (I think it is the best option for people out of Spain... It is easy to pay by paypal). The shipping with be 6 euros for Spain; the international shipping will depend on the number of t-shirts you order (between 10 and 16€ for Europe - between 18,76 and 21,78 CAD for Canada) and it includes the shipping and envelope).

You can ask for the t-shirts on or sending a private message on our Facebook page. Remember that the more we all of us buy, the cheaper will be!!!

Remember you have now a draw clicking HERE

Here you have the two designs:

People with Fans Club t-shirt in Greece:

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